FAQ – Rumble Run


Q. What is Rumble Run?
Q. Do you need to be fit to do Rumble Run?
Q. Is it a timed event?
Q. Do you have to attempt all the obstacles?
Q. Do I need to join as part of a team?
Q. What do I get as part of my registration?
Q. Is there an age limit?
Q. Will there be First Aid or Medical staff at the event?
Q. What charity does Rumble Run support?
Q. What if I have a large group that I can bring, can I get a group discount?
Q. How much does it cost to register?
Q. How do I register?
Q. Do I need to sign a waiver?
Q. How late can I leave registering?
Q. How do the wave times work?
Q. Am I able to get a refund once the ticket has been purchased?
Q. If I can’t sell or gift my ticket and can’t attend, can I keep a credit until the next event?
Q. How long before my wave time should I arrive?
Q. What should I wear?
Q. What should I bring?
Q. Can I bring Spectators?
Q. Can I bring my dog?
Q. Can I bring a camera with me?
Q. Do I need to bring water to carry with me?
Q. Is there somewhere to leave my belongings?
Q. Is there parking at the event?
Q. When do i arrive?
Q. What if the date of my event gets changed and I can't make the new one?
Q. What if the location of a Rumble Run event changes?
Q. What is the policy around refunds, exchanges and replacements?
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